PME-NA 2018 Presentations

The Flipped Math Study Team will have two presentations at PME-NA 2018!


Samuel Otten, University of Missouri; Zandra de Araujo, University of Missouri; Milan F. Sherman, Drake University

Flipped instruction is increasing in popularity but the research base is not yet well developed. Many studies of flipped instruction involve a small number of flipped classes being compared to non-flipped classes, but this methodology fails to account for variations in implementations. To aid in the systematic attention to variation, this article presents a framework for flipped mathematics instruction that identifies key features of the videos assigned as homework as well as features of the in-class activities. The framework components are accompanied by proposed quality indicators to further distinguish between flipped lessons that are structurally similar but different in enactment.


Wenmin Zhao, University of Missouri; Jaepil Han, University of Missouri; Jessica Kamuru, University of Missouri; Zandra de Araujo, University of Missouri; Samuel Otten, University of Missouri

Extant classroom observation protocols do not adequately examine the key aspects of flipped mathematics instruction or the nuances between flipped and non-flipped instruction. In this poster, we will share our Flipped Mathematics Instruction Observation Protocol (FMIOP) designed to capture variations in flipped and non-flipped mathematics lessons. FMIOP may serve as a tool that better informs practice in flipped classroom settings.

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